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Daido's backyard - softcover dust-jacket

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About Daido's backyard

In a documentary Daido Moriyama mentioned Shinjuku was his favorite place to photograph. When I had the opportunity to photograph there this project was born. The result is a poetic journey that is as much shaped by my personality as it is by the inspiring streets of Tokyo.

About the book

This version is the limited softcover dust-jacket edition and is only available through my website and it comes with a set of 3 cards (a5).

148mm x 210mm

68 pages

32 images

ISBN 978-90-822717-2-0

About the deluxe version

Also available is the DELUXE version. The deluxe version includes the softcover dust-jacket version, the cards and a print. There are 3 prints available you can pick from.

€ 100,00

Print info

Paper: Kodak Pro Endura pro

Size: 22x32cm (including 1 cm white border on each side)

Images with the colored border are the cards. Not the prints!

Edition: Each print available in an edition of 3 

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