Janko Bosch (B. 1976) grew up in The Netherlands. He started drawing as a kid, photographing as a teenager and never stopped. In 2000 he graduated from the Academy of arts. Now working as an Art-director (digital) and freelance photographer. Currently designing for NRC, a major Dutch newspaper and photographing personal projects.

In his photography, Janko Bosch focusses on urban landscapes and documenting cities. He also works in his studio photographing people. The studio is located in the Amsterdam area in a creative hub called 'De Hellema'.

In 2011 he founded his imprint 'Zoink by Zaptronic'. Publishing photo zines and books.


  • Unobtrusive pictures
    Art Zaanstad Event, The Netherlands, May 2018
  • Unobtrusive pictures
    Het weefhuis, The Netherlands, 2017
  • Asian Angels
    Het weefhuis, The Netherlands 2011

Studio address

De Hellema
Oostzijde 381
1508 EP Zaandam


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